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Flobots is a hip-hop and American alternative rock band from Denver, Colorado.

Formed in 2000 by Jamie "Jonny 5" Laurie, the band releases an album the following year, Onomatopoeia < / span>, under the name of Jonny 5 and Yak. Laurie joins this period with producer Farhad Ebrahimi, a.k.a. Yahktoe. Together, they released Onomatopoeia in 2001, and the title song ends in a compilation of the MIT composition club, Yahktoe University. She is played by David Gralow on guitar, Terrence Favors on cello and Jaymz Haynes on bass.

After a split, Jonny 5 reformed a band with another Denver rapper, Brer Rabbit, and chose to take the name Flobots. They are joined by those who currently make up the band and released an album in 2005, Flobots present ... Platypus . The presence of an alto violin and a trumpet in their music - as well as the strong political content of their texts, especially against the war in Iraq - makes them known quickly in their hometown.

In a contest hosted by a Denver radio station, the group recorded the song Handlebars . The sextet is the winner, not only of the best song contest, but also of the best performance on stage. The radio broadcasts widely the title which becomes very popular during the year 2007>.

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