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Heart is an American rock band from Seattle, Washington. The formation of the group has evolved a lot since its inception, the only constant members being Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. Group formed in 1974, their musical style is influenced by both hard rock and folk. In the 80s, the group has repeatedly scored at the top of American pop-rock charts, before being a little forgotten by the general public in the late 90s.

In 1967, bassist Steve Fossen formed a band, The Army, with Roger Fisher on guitar, Don Wilhelm on guitar, keyboards and vocals and Ray Schaefer on drums. They played for several years in the Bothell, Washington (northeastern Seattle) area. They have often performed at Bothell High School, Inglemoor High School and Shorecrest High School, as well as at many taverns and clubs. In 1969, the group underwent training changes, Gary Ziegelman (former Buffalo Clancy singer) on vocals, Roger Fisher and James Cirrello on guitar, Steve Fossen on bass, Ron Rudge on drums, Ken Hansen on percussion and a new name, Hocus Pocus before finally opting for White Heart. This name comes from a discussion between Roger Fisher's brother, Mike Fisher and Michael Munro, who invented the name White Hart (without the "e", reference to the stories of Arthur C. Clarke Tales from the White Hart) for a group. Roger Fisher asked and received permission to use the name and the group became White Heart. For a brief period in 1970, this formation abbreviated its name to Heart and dropped the "White". The birthday of founding member Roger Fisher is Valentine's Day (and the band will also release their first album in the US that day). The group then underwent more staff changes. In 1971, Heart was Steve Fossen, Roger Fisher, David Belzer on keyboards and Jeff Johnson on drums. After Ann Wilson joined, the group was officially renamed Heart.

The band gave many shows around their new home in Vancouver and recorded a demo with the help of producer Mike Flicker and session guitarist and keyboardist Howard Leese. Belzer and Johnson had already left at that time, and shortly thereafter Leese became a full-time member. The band is short of a drummer, the first album includes several studio musicians. Mike Flicker produced the first five albums of the group. This team recorded their first, Dreamboat Annie, at Vancouver's Can-Base Studios (later known as Mushroom Studios). Some of the same Canadian investors who supported the studio also supported a separate company, Mushroom Records, which was run by Shelly Siegel. Drummers Duris Maxwell, Dave Wilson, Kat Hendriks, Michael Derosier (who became the band's official drummer after the release of the album), keyboardist Rob Deans and bassist Brian Newcombe were among those who also played the album, which was acquired by Siegel and sold 30,000 copies in Canada in the first few months. Siegel soon released the album in the United States where, with two hits in 1976 ("Crazy on You" and "Magic Man", which reached the numbers 35 and 9 respectively on the Billboard Hot 100), he reached number seven in the charts. He eventually sold over a million copies.

Sisters Wilson, Ann born June 19, 1950 and Nancy born March 16, 1954, grew up in California and Taiwan before their father, a navy, retired to the suburbs of Seattle. After their studies, Nancy returned to Seattle as a folk singer and Ann joined a local band in 1968, The Daybreaks, two singles released under the name Ann Wilson & The Daybreaks, Through Eyes And Glass / I'm Gonna Drink My Hurt Away and Standin 'Watchin' You / Wonder How I Managed. This group consists of Jack Joseph and Tom Wendt on guitar, Bob Ormbrek on bass, Steve Hansen on organ and Chris Blaine on drums, Ann played flute, guitar and vocals while Nancy was a backing vocalist she shared with Kathy Allen. The song Through Eyes & Glass is featured on Heart's triple CD Strange Euphoria which was produced in 2012 and also contains a DVD. While the band The Army has undergone several changes of formations and names since 1967, like Hocus Pocus and White Hart, transformed into Heart in 1971, it is at this moment that Nancy joined the group as a guitarist. Joining the band in turn, she became the guitarist Roger Fisher's girlfriend while Ann frequented his brother, the former drummer turned manager of Heart, Mike Fisher.

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