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JerryC (Traditional Chinese: 張逸帆, Simplified Chinese: 张逸帆, Hanyu Pinyin: Zhāng Yìfán), also known as Jerry Chang , is a Taiwanese born guitarist and composer born on August 31, 1981 in Taipei.

He became famous thanks to his video Canon Rock, a rock revival of Pachelbel's Canon. He started playing the guitar at age 17 and the piano before age 15.

Its most famous arrangement, Canon Rock, has become very popular thanks to YouTube and has attracted media attention around the world >>>>>. The video can be seen on his official website, on which we find other of his arrangements. Jerry Chang also has his own group, the C band.

His resumption of the Canon, will inspire Lim Jeong-hyun (aka FunTwo). It will be reused by it and disseminated on the internet. It is the latter who will really popularize it, and which will allow JerryC to make a name for himself. An adapted version of its Canon Rock, the Canon Rock will allow French MattRach to be known on YouTube.

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