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Jimmy Eat World is an American alternative rock band from Mesa, Arizona. It consists of singer and guitarist Jim Adkins, guitarist Tom Linton, bassist Rick Burch and drummer Zach Lind. In October 2016, Jimmy Eat World has nine studio albums.

Jimmy Eat World is formed in 1993 in Mesa, Arizona. Singer and guitarist Jim Adkins, and drummer Zach Lind, friends since kindergarten, join guitarist Tom Linton and bassist Mitch Porter to try out the music. In their early days, the band mimicked the style of some punk rock bands, and recorded three singles and an eponymous album on the local label Wooden Blue Records. In their training period, band members claim to be inspired by pop punk bands like Mr. T Experience, Radon, and Horace Pinker.

The name Jimmy Eat World is not in reference to singer Jim Adkins. Tom Linton's younger brothers, Ed and Jimmy, were constantly fighting children. Jimmy who was stronger, always won. One day, Ed made a drawing of Jimmy swallowing the whole world with the legend Jimmy eat world . The drawing and thus the name of the group could be inspired by an episode of the Tiny Toons where the main character draws a cartoon called Dizzy Eat World in which he swallows the Earth.

Subsequently, inspired by bands like Fugazi and Sunny Day Real Estate, they begin to experiment with a sub-genre of hardcore punk, the emocore. As they began writing songs and performing indie, they were surprised to find other bands like Christie Front Drive, Sense Field, and Seven Storey Mountain in a similar style. Usually a new musical style appears locally, like the grunge in Seattle, but at that time the emocore reborn diffusing itself in the whole country. The group continues its tours and begins to attract attention in the indie environment. In 1995, the label's president, and former Nirvana producer Gary Gersh, had them signed at Capitol Records. It was at this time that bassist Mitch Porter left the group to be replaced by Tom Linton's friend Rick Burch. Mark Trombino, the drummer of Drive Like Jehu, is responsible for recording Static Prevails , their first official album >>>.

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