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Mac DeMarco is a Canadian musician born in Duncan, BC>. He grew up in Edmonton, and moved to Vancouver after high school. He now lives in Los Angeles. After being part of the Makeout Videotape group, he has produced five solo albums, Rock and Roll Night Club, Salad Days, This Old Dog and Here Comes The Cowboy. In 2015, he also produced an instrumental album entitled Some Other Ones. Mac DeMarco is a multi-instrumentalist and is also a multimedia artist.

After graduating from Edmonton in 2008, he moved to Vancouver. In 2009, he released a self-produced album Heat Wave under the stage name of Makeout Videotape. The album sells 500 units>. DeMarco is working on "psychedelic" video projects during this time>. He was joined the same year by Alex Calder and Jen Clement and signed at Unfamiliar Records, the same year he toured with Vancouver group Japandroids. In 2011, DeMarco moved to Montreal and began recording as a solo artist. Failing to find work as a musician, he takes part in medical experiments for money. In early 2012, he released a long EP called Rock and Roll Nightclub >>>>>. The album of four recorded tracks offers skits and songs in slow motion >>>. He impresses his label, Captured Tracks, enough so that they agree to publish a full album>. This album, titled 2 is coming out in the fall of 2012, is well received by critics, notably by Pitchfork> and the New Musical Express>. In June 2013, the album is named for the Polaris Music Prize 2013>. In July 2013, he published an album called Live at Russian Recording >>>>>. On January 21, 2014, DeMarco announced the release of its new album, Salad Days, with the first single Passing Out Pieces>. The album is released on April 1, 2014 >>>. In 2014, he collaborated with Tyler The Creator >>>>>. A series of unpublished 45s is also available as a subscription>.

DeMarco mentions Shuggie Otis, Steely Dan, Weezer and Jonathan Richman as his favorite artists. His compositions, based on guitar, are called Pop Offset. He is also inspired by Japanese artists like Haruomi Hosono. He uses a guitar he bought for 30 Canadian dollars when he was sixteen with effects pedals, he believes that "no serious musician would have ever used" > span. During his concerts DeMarco makes the public participate with jokes>. He is often considered a crazy artist >>>.

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