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Malice Mizer ( lang = "ja"> > , marisu mizeru > ) , stylized MALICE MIZER , is a group of Japanese visual kei, originally from Tokyo. which mixes sounds at once rock, synthetic and classical.

It was around August 1992 that two guitarists, Mana and Közi, decided to set up a band that was "more original than the rock bands of that time. The two musicians agree to name the group Malice Mizer, a name supposed to represent the poor state of the human being. The peculiarity of the group, besides its music, is that all its members are costumed in the 18 th century fashion. This style will later inspire many Japanese rock bands.

Soon, three other people joined the group: Yu ~ ki on bass, Tetsu on vocals, and Gas on drums (later replaced by Kami). Their first album, Mémoire, released in 1994, disappoints Mana who decides to sack his singer, accused of not being sufficiently powerful.

In 1995, the group recruits a new vocalist: Gackt. With him begins a new stage in the band's life, Mana believing that Gackt's voice fits perfectly with his pop / rock-oriented productions. In 1996 released the band's second album, Voyage sans retour. Malice Mizer begins to make itself known to the general public and gives more and more concerts. The group ends up being noticed by a production company, which decides to take it under its wing.

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