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Michael angelo batio

Michael Angelo Batio (also known as Michael Angelo or Mike Batio ) is an American guitarist born February 23, 1956 in Chicago in Illinois. He studied at Northeastern Illinois University and has a degree in Music Theory and Composition. Guitar One Magazine ranked him as the fastest shredder in the world.

Michael Angelo Batio started the guitar at 10 years old. He could play faster than his teacher in two years. He also invented and played successfully on the very first "Quad" guitar (4-sleeve guitar). However, the instrument was stolen during a Nitro gig in El Paso, Texas, and only 2 of the 4 parts needed to assemble it were found. That's why he has not played the guitar quad for many years, but at the end of the NAMM 07 Dean have recreated a new quad-guitar. The Double-Guitar is another of his innovations. He plays it regularly whether in the studio or in public. He also uses String Dampeners (which are used to choke the strings to avoid resonances) he created: it is an accessory attached to the nut and is positioned on the guitar while playing. They allow the guitarist to easily use the technique of legato and tapping by eliminating stray sounds. Michael is also notable for his piano technique that allows him to play by varying the orientation of his hands around the neck, for example playing above rather than below as the conventional guitarist.

Michael explains that the name of his latest album "Hands Without Shadows" was inspired by his Chinese fans who were impressed by the speed with which he could change the orientation of his hands, so quickly that he There would be no shadow. (This is the technique of "Over-Under" which is his signature technique, he only uses it on stage, as Jimmy Page did with his violin bow).

The talent of Michael Angelo can be admired in the movie "Shock 'Em Dead" (1991) where the character of Angel Martin makes a pact with the devil to become a God of the Guitar.

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