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Mickey 3d Mickey 3D is a French rock band, originally from Montbrison (Loire), founded in 1996. It has established itself on the French-speaking scene in the 2000s with, notably, the Respire ecologist tube in 2003 .

They have developed a rock close to folk and song / variety which, behind texts willingly humorous or naive, reveals a very black vision of society.

After a separation in 2007, his leader Mickaël Furnon reactivates in 2009 a training of which he is now the only permanent member. A sixth album is released in 2016 (Sebolavy), accompanied by a tour.

The origin of the group dates back to 1996 when Mickaël Furnon aka "Mickey", guitarist of the mainly English-language band 3Dk created in 1988>, embarks on a solo project in French that he calls Mickey 3D. In this way, he recorded two demo cassettes on his own and alongside 3Dk, before being joined in 1997 by Aurélien Joanin, aka "Jojo", the younger brother of the 3Dk bassist, with whom he recorded a third demo. The two accomplices manage with the means of the edge, tinkering sound with modest synthesizers and some pedal effects for guitars in the rehearsal room set up in Ecotay-l'Olme (near Saint-Etienne) by their association Keup On 'Family.

This is the small label Premier Disc managed by their friends of the local radio Radio Dio which leads them to consider the recording of a real album. This album, named Mistigri Torture, compilation of the best pieces of the demos increased by some unpublished, leaves in 1999>.

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