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Moonsorrow is a Finnish black and pagan metal band from Helsinki. The band differs from other folk metal bands, whose themes are paganism and spirituality, with their less festive musical style.

Formed in 1995> by two cousins, Ville Sorvali (vocals and guitar) and Henri Sorvali (guitar and keyboards, also Finntroll keyboardist, Barathrum and Ensiferum session member). Moonsorrow entered the metal scene with no less than four demos, but Suden Kingdom is their first real album. Moonsorrow's lyrics, evoking paganism, folklore and Finnish legends, are mixed with instrumental parts combining folk instruments and atmospheres (wind, waves, birdsong, etc.).

Their debut album, Suden Uni, recorded in early 2000, was released in 2001 with Tämä Ikuinen Talvi, a re-release of their 1999 demo. Suden Uni combines Finnish paganism and folk elements. After recruiting Mitja Harvilahti and Markus Eurén, Moonsorrow started playing live, released Voimasta Ja Kunniasta at the end of 2001. However, the band became better known with their album released in 2003, Kivenkantaja. In 2005, the group continued its momentum with its fourth album, Verisäkeet. This album is also their first to use ambient sounds such as bird songs or fire crackles between tracks.

In January 2006, the band plays for the first time in the United States at Heathen Crusade Metalfest in Minnesota

On March 7, 2006, the group announced their second album with the label Spinefarm Records, scheduled for late 2006. June 19 was announced the presence of Thomas Väänänen, singer of Thyrfing. Viols Luku - Hävitetty is released in January 2007, it will be composed of two songs with more pronounced Rock Progressive influences. An EP called Tulimyrsky is published in 2008. This EP lasts more than an hour and contains a new song (eponymous), two remakes of old songs and twice. He has been released worldwide under Spinefarm Records, and in May, the German label Drakkar Productions releases him in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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