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Morcheeba is a British band from London, mixing downtempo, trip hop, rhythm and blues and pop. It is made up of brothers Paul Godfrey (DJ) and Ross Godfrey (guitar and keyboard) as well as singer Skye Edwards. Skye Edwards left the band in 2003, due to musical differences, according to band members. She was replaced in 2005, for the album The Antidote by the singer Daisy Martey. Daisy Martey left the group in June 2005 and was replaced by Australian singer / saxophonist Jody Sternberg. In 2008, for the release of the album Dive Deep, it is the French singer Amanda Zamolo, discovered via MySpace>, who is the principal singer>. Skye is back in training in 2010 for the seventh album Blood Like Lemonade.

The original formation of the early 1990s included Paul Godfrey (turntables), Ross Godfrey (guitar and keyboard) and Skye Edwards (vocals). Skye's voice quickly became the hallmark of Morcheeba. The name of the group can be understood as "More Cheeba", that is to say "More grass (to smoke)! Or "More grass! ">>>. This meaning was unambiguously confirmed by Paul Godfrey during the concert at the Olympia in June 2005>. "Mor" also means "Middle of the road" to indicate that Morcheeba's music flirts between popular music and more experimental music>.

Daisy Martey (previously in the Noonday Underground group) joined the group in 2005 after Skye Edwards left for a solo career. Skye Edwards' voice had become a vital part of the Morcheeba sound in the minds of many of the group's fans, so this change will generate mixed reactions. It is for this reason that the Godfrey brothers replaced Daisy by another singer - Jody Sternberg - for their stage performances, without formally excluding it.

The Godfrey brothers' album Dive Deep was released in February 2008. Various artists were invited including Judie Tzuke, Manda Zamolo, Thomas Dybdahl, Bradley Burgess and Cool Calm Pete. On the Dive Deep album tour, the songs are performed by Manda Zamolo and Bradley Burgess.

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