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Mortal sin

Mortal Sin is an Australian thrash metal band from Sydney founded in 1985.

Mortal Sin is an Australian group that has benefited from the start of the support of the British magazine Kerrang !. Mayhemic Destruction, a first album heavily influenced by Metallica, allows them to enjoy some success with thrash metal fans.

After the release of the second album, entitled Face of Despair, internal tensions led to the band's separation in 1990, but bassist Andy Eftichiou decided to continue and record with new members the album Rebellious Yout. The original members of the group attack them in court, and finally Eftichiou puts an end to Mortal Sin in 1992.

In 1996, four of the original five members revived the group. After the replacement of guitarist Anthony Hoffman, Mortal Sin released the following year the EP Revolution of the Mind compiling new titles and re-recorded songs. However, the relationship problems between the group members led to a new separation at the end of 1998.

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