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No Phixion is an American hip-hop band from Brooklyn, New York. The originality of the group lies in its texts, the majority of their production is indeed focused on different conspiracy theories, such as government conspiracies or the presence of extraterrestrials on our planet.

Formed by Ill Bill and MC Serch from the 3rd Bass band in 1995, the band released their debut single Legacy b / w No Tomorrow on the MC Serch label, Serchlite Records the following year. However, in 1997, Serch and Non Phixion take separate paths. At this time, the band's popularity continues to climb as they release numerous singles and numerous collaborations often involving rapper Necro and his emerging label, Psycho + Logical-Records>. Finally, the group signs at Warner Bros. in 2001, and plans the future release of their first album The Future Is Now . For no apparent reason, the album is rejected. After a stint on the labels Geffen and Matador, the band decides to perform on the label of Ill Bill, Uncle Howie Records. It is on this label that they independently publish their first album, The Future Is Now , March 26, 2002>, which manages to reach the Billboard rankings>. The album contains songs composed before and after the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States, such as "The CIA Is Trying To Kill Me" Black Helicopters talking about government conspiracies>.

On April 6, 2004, the band released their second album, The Green CD / DVD , which also reached the rankings>. In 2004 and 2005, the three MCs released their solo albums produced entirely by Necro and published on his label Psycho + Logical-Records: the solo of Goretex is a horrorcore album, that of Ill Bill an album in the pure tradition of rap hardcore and that of Sabac Red a politically engaged album. An album in collaboration between Necro and Non Phixion, "Secret Society" , was planned for January 2006, but suffered many delays. The group's separation suggests that this album will never come out>. Likewise, Nuclear Truth , the band's third album, scheduled for 2006, is officially canceled>. The group broke up on July 14, 2006, according to its official website, because of the lack of interest and reliability on the part of Goretex>. Former members then focus their respective solo careers.

Howard "Uncle Bowie" Tenenbaum, Ill Bill and Necro's uncle, dies in March 2010>. At the end of 2014, the group announces its meeting and a possible tour celebrating its twentieth year of existence.

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