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Noumena is a Finnish melodic death metal band from Ähtäri. Formed in 1998, the group is composed of five members. Ilkka Unnbom on drums, Antti Haapanen on vocals, Hannu Savolainen on bass, Ville Lamminaho and Tuukka Tuomela on guitar.

The name of the group comes from the ancient Greek word νοούμενoν (nooumenon), a philosophical term especially used by Emmanuel Kant. Noumena launched his career in 1998 with their demo Aeons containing only three songs. The demo is recorded at Studio Etnovox and produced by Jruha Remsu, in June the same year. They decide to continue with another demo, For the Fragile One, in 1999>. The group manages to conclude a contract with a label from Singapore, which will shortly after bankruptcy. In November, the group joined Astia Studios with Anssi Kippo and Jussi Jauhiainen for other demos.

Between 1999 and 2002, the group only toured Europe and Asia. In August 2002, Noumena released her first album Pride / Fall to the Australian label Catharsis Records. With compilations from 2004, they release a promo demo called The Tempter>. In 2005 released their second album, Absence . The following year, they released a maxi album Triumph and Loss. In July 2007, they finished recording their third album, The Anatomy of Life, which is recorded and mixed at Studio Sundi Coop by Tuomo Valtonen and mastered at Finnvox studios by Mika Jussila. After two years of lull, the group announced in 2009 to be without label.

In 2012, the group founded its own label, Haunted Zoo Productions, with which they produced in 2013 the album Death Walks With Me>. In 2013, they released a video for the song Sleep>. In April 2016, Noumena announces the reissue of the second and third albums, Absence and Anatomy of Life for April 29, 2016 in double CD digipack format with five bonus songs. The digipack version will be published by Haunted Zoo Productions. At the same time, they announce the release of a new album for the end of 2016>.

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