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Opeth is a Swedish progressive metal band from Stockholm. Founded in 1990, Opeth's style, based largely on the continued presence of singer and guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt, is firmly rooted in the heavy metal tradition. The band is also under-rated in death metal and progressive rock (or a combination of these genres) depending on the album and sometimes the song to which the critic refers. On the one hand, Opeth borrows from the most brutal styles through guttural songs and instrumental sequences very aggressive while on the other, it is distinguished by progressive sequences melodic, very often sweet and haunting. This apparent dichotomy is present in all the albums of the group although at different degrees, which makes its classification in a musical style all the more complex.

Over the course of his long career, Opeth has been gaining loyalty and strengthening his fan base, until he became one of the best-known metal bands in the 2000s. The Damnation album broke through the Billboard 200 chart by entering the 192> position when launched in 2003>. The feat was improved in September 2005 while Ghost Reveries spent two weeks in the standings at positions 64 and 175 respectively.

During his career, Opeth lists twelve studio albums, two live albums, a box set and three musical DVDs. The group's first album, "Orchid", was released in 1995. Opeth's latest album, In Cauda Venenum, was released on September 27 2019.

Opeth was founded in 1990 by singer David Isberg in Stockholm, Sweden. The band's name comes from the fictitious Opet Empire ("The City of the Moon") in Wilbur Smith's Sunbird . To complete the training, Åkerfeldt and Isberg recruit drummer Anders Nordin, bassist Nick Döring and guitarist Andreas Dimeo. Döring and Dimeo leave the band after the first concert because they thought the group's progress was very monotonous. Shortly after, Opeth met guitarist Kim Pettersson and bassist Johan DeFarfalla, who agreed to join the group. Pettersson leaves Opeth after the first concert to return to his wife in Germany. He is replaced by Peter Lindgren, a friend of Åkerfeldt. After a second concert, Lingdren changes the instrument for the guitar and Isberg leaves the band for Liers in Wait. Åkerfeldt felt that Isberg's departure was inevitable for Opeth since Isberg did not seem so interested anymore. Åkerfeldt became the new singer.

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