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Panjabi MC , by his real name Rajinder Singh Rai (in Punjabi ਰਜਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ), born February 14, 1973 in Coventry, England, is a musician, disc jockey and producer British of Indian origin. His productions are a mix of hip-hop, Indian music from the Punjab region (bhangra) and jungle. Mundian To Bach Ke in 1998 is his first international success. He is also famous for composing the music of Great Khali. AllMusic sees it as the "one of the biggest names in bhangra music". "

Rajinder Singh adopts his stage name of the Penjab language that he uses in his music and to rap. "One of the main goals is to merge the two worlds". "

The label Nachural Records signs Panjabi MC after its remix of the song Ghariah Milan De Kuldeep Manak. Although the single has been removed from the market, Panjabi ™ continues to compose. It is more popular with the song Mundian To Bach Ke published in 1998 on the album Legalized , which mixes the credits of the television series Knight Rider (1982) and bhangra>. Popularized on the Internet, it is taken over by the German label Superstar Recordings, and becomes a success in Germany and Europe. A version of this song in 2003 involves Jay-Z and is called "Beware of the Boys" .

His musical works, especially his first songs and the remix of Mundian To Bach Ke with Jay-Z, make bhangra known to the general public via the BBC. He continues the musical production and remains famous as collaborator and remixer. In 2004, he published a song called Mirza which involves Mustafa Sandal>.

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