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Patricio rey y sus redonditos de ricota

Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota , also known as Patricio Rey , Los Redondos and Los Redonditos de Ricota , is an Argentinian rock band from La Plata (Capital of the Province of Buenos Aires), whose musicians Indio Solari and Skay Beilinson are the leaders. The group has been widely recognized for having influenced Argentine rock, with soloists like Pappo, Charly Garcia, and Luis Alberto Spinetta, and is considered one of the most important Argentine rock bands >>>.

Patricio Rey is a fictional character and not a real member. The group is native of La Plata, and is formed in 1976>. The three pillars of the group are Indio Solari (voice) Skay Beilinson (guitar) and Carmen Castro (called La Negra Poly - manager), as well as Ricardo Cohen, artistic director of the group.

In their first performances, Los Redondos included forms of art other than music, such as the staging of theater and ballet numbers. In 1978, the group performed its first performance in Buenos Aires accompanied by guitarist Conejo Jolivet, then aged 18.

From 1982, the concert halls fill up, mainly thanks to the mouth-to-mouth of the fans.

It was in December 1984 that the band recorded Gulp !, his first studio album. On May 23, 1987 the group played a concert at Cemento, with Luca Prodan, singer of the group Sumo). Indio explains that "there was nothing stable at that time, not like now. In general, it went very well: Luca was there, he came backstage, we talked and we painted. "

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