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Pay money to my pain

Pay money to my pain Pay Money to My Pain is a Japanese heavy metal band. The group sang only in English>. The band split in 2013 after the death of singer and founder K in 2012.

In her early days, K began writing songs inspired by depression and her dark thoughts. In 2005, after separating from his former band, Gun Dog, he recruited four members, and formed Pay Money to my Pain. K explains that the lyrics expressed his deepest suffering, and when fans bought the albums, they literally bought his sufferings, hence the name Pay Money to My Pain. They get into production and are noticed by the Video and Audio Project (VAP) label. From here, they publish their first single Drop of Ink on December 6, 2006>.

A few months later, they go to California where they record their debut album, Another Day Comes, which is released on September 12, 2007. The album includes Home, the end theme Buzzer Beater, and Another Day Comes, ending credits. Ultraseven X . Guitarist Jin leaves Pay Money to My Pain in April 2008. The EP, Writing in the Diary is published on January 30, 2008. Their song < lang = "en"> Bury , from the album After You Wake Up , is included in the anime One Outs . Another of their songs, The Answer is Not in the TV , is included in the Konami video game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 .

On June 9, 2010, Pay Money to My Pain publishes the single Pictures , which is an EP and DVD sold separately. On January 26, 2011, Pay Money to My Pain publishes its third album, Remember the Name . They play with Lynch, at a charity concert on August 10, 2011, called Shikiyakou-Shikui-, hosted by Dead End. The proceeds will go to the victims of the 2011 tsunami in Tohoku on March 11th. In June 2012, the singer K is hospitalized. This summer, Pay Money to My Pain is playing its live House of Chaos. They pick up Buck-Tick's Love Letter song for the Parade II -Respective Tracks of Buck-Tick - compilation, published on July 4, 2012>. In October, K is hospitalized again; during his convalescence, the group decides to stop his activities. On December 30, 2012, K died of heart failure at home in Yokohama. On September 20, 2013, they announce a new album called Gene> with songs recorded by K before his death. The album, released on November 13, 2013, includes Rain , the soundtrack for Sekisekirenren, Innocent in a Silent Room and a new version of Sweetest Vengeance. In December 2013, Pay Money to My Pain played its last concert called From Here to Somewhere before separating.

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