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Peter von poehl

Peter von Poehl , born March 31, 1972 in Malmö, is a Swedish singer-songwriter.

Spotted in the wake of Bertrand Burgalat and his label Tricatel, Peter von Poehl was the guitarist of the band A.S. Dragon, then backing band of Burgalat himself and Michel Houellebecq on his album Présence humaine in 2000.

Subsequently, Peter von Poehl continued his collaborations as a musician and director with other artists such as Alain Chamfort, Doriand (The Great Bath, 2005), Lio (Tell the prince charming, 2006), Marie Modiano (I ' m not a rose, 2006 and Outland, 2008), Vincent Delerm (The spider bites, 2006 and Fifteen songs, 2008), Birdy Nam Nam, or Florian Horwath (We are all gold, 2005) with whom he created the Graeferecordings label in Berlin.

His first album, Going to the tea trees, was released on May 9, 2006 in France on the label Ou tard ou later, followed by a long series of concerts, notably in the first part of the groups Phoenix (autumn 2006) and Air ( spring 2007). This album was subsequently released in various European countries (Germany, United Kingdom, Scandinavia ...) then in the United States and Australia.

The title The story of the impossible is the main musical theme heard in the movie L'arnacoeur released in 2010.

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