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Pig Destroyer is an American grindcore band from Alexandria, Virginia. Their unique sound is characterized, among other things, by the absence of bass, as well as by the various musical influences that they integrate to their compositions (thrash metal, doom metal ...). The group was formed in 1997, consisting of singer J. R. Hayes (Enemy Soil), guitarist Scott Hull (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Anal Cunt), and drummer John Evans. The latter was later replaced by Brian Harvey.

The group was formed in 1997 with singer J. R. Hayes (Enemy Soil), guitarist Scott Hull (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Japanese Torture Comedy Hour, ex-Anal Cunt), and drummer John Evans. Evans is then replaced by Brian Harvey. Sampler Blake Harrison joins them before recording Phantom Limb . The group chooses its name with a certain socio-political awareness. Knowing that being named Cop Killer ("Policeman's Slayer") or Cop Destroyer ("Policeman's Destroyer") lacked tact, they eventually chose Pig Destroyer (pig being a derogatory word of American slang for the police).

Relapse Records signs the band and releases a 7 "split with Isis in the label's Singles Series in July 2000. 38 Counts of Battery is a complete discography of Pig Destroyer recorded until early 2000, which includes a split with Gnob and the screamo band Orchid, as well as their first album, "Explosions In Ward 6" , and the demo that will get them a contract. "Prowler in the Yard" is published in 2001. Garnering is well received by magazines such as Kerrang! and Terrorizer .

Terrifyer , released in 2004, has a brighter sound than Prowler in the Yard or 38 Counts of Battery. The album is accompanied by a DVD entitled Natasha , which was to be in surround. Session guitarist Matthew Kevin Mills, a former guitar teacher from Hull, records the solo guitar pieces on Towering Flesh. A compilation of songs from split EPs with Gnob and Benumb, entitled Painter of Dead Girls , is also published. It includes alternative versions of the 38 Counts (as the song Dark Satellites ). Pig Destroyer then announces a series of nine 7 "split EPs in 2006. Participating bands include Orthrelm and Blood Duster, however, nothing will be released.The 7" series has been on hold since the release of Phantom Limb .

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