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Pitchshifter is a British metal-electronics band from Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. Formed in 1989, the band initially debuted with bassist and singer Mark Clayden, and guitarists Johnny A. Carter and Stuart Toolin. The group gained popularity with their album, www.pitchshifter.com in 1998, mixing drum and bass electronic music with metal and rock, equivalent to other genres such as The Prodigy.

The group is also known in its early days for its industrial metal guitar downtuned and drum machines, cited as one of the first fruits of the genre with Godflesh. Their single from the movie Mortal Kombat: Final Destruction is certified platinum, and their Deviant album released in 2000, reaches 39> Billboard 200>. Since its formation, the band has a total of six studio albums, three EPs, and eight music videos. He has also performed at numerous festivals including the Ozzfest, the Phoenix Festival and the Damnation Festival.

The band was formed in 1989 under the name of Pitch Shifter by bassist Mark Clayden with his brother and singer JS Clayden, and guitarists Johnny Carter and Stuart Toolin. At this time, the band played frequently in local nights before being noticed by the Peaceville Records label. At the time, JS wanted to live in France to sell paintings. During 1990, the band debuted with their first album, Industrial , with lead singer Mark Clayden in place of JS, who contributed to the voices secondary. The band then goes on a small tour with Napalm Death.

The group later signs for the British label Earache Records, by which their EP titled Submit is distributed. Later, Stuart Toolin leaves the group, and the latter hires Matt Godfrey to fill his place at parties. Matt leaves the group too, and is replaced by drummer D.J. Walters; the band now becomes a quartet. Their second album, Desensitized , is marketed. The group participates in the Phoenix Festival (en) of Long Marston, UK in 1995 >. Later, the band released their remix album, The Remix War , with other bands like Biohazard and Therapy ?. He then released another album, Infotainment? later played at Dynamo Open Air. The band leaves Earache and joins the Geffen Records label. In the same period, he changed his group name 'Pitch Shifter' to 'Pitchshifter', and recruited the former touring guitarist of The Prodigy, Jim Davies. The band released their single in Genius , which will be included in the video game Test Drive 5 and the movie Mortal Kombat: Final Destruction, then certified disc of platinum>. In 1998, the band released its fourth album, www.pitchshifter.com , the best-selling album with 60,000 copies sold to US>. The group then participates in the Ozzfest 1998 and Livid festival for the promotion of their album. In 1999, they participate in the Reading Festival and again at Dynamo.

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