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Pleymo is a French nude metal band from Fontainebleau. He was trained in 1997 by Mark Maggiori, Benoit Julliard, Fred Ceraudo and Mathias Borronquet. The group was inactive between 2007 and 2017.

Pleymo was formed in 1997 at Fontainebleau, during which he made his debut with two demos, including titles Nawak and Porn. The group originally includes four members - Marc Maggiori (vocals), Benoit Julliard (bass, keyboards, choirs), Fred Ceraudo (drums), and Mattias (guitar). The group is initially called Pleymobill, with reference to plastic toys. It is shortened a year later, in 1998 with the arrival of DJ Frank (Frank Bailleul). The integration of a DJ into a metal band is not very common at the time but it's a practice that has since spread in rap metal and nu metal. The group evolves with the arrival of a second guitarist: Erik de Villoutreys with whom Pleymo plays his first concert at the Aussie bar de Fontainebleau on June 28, 1998.

Noticed by the Belgian producer Stéphane Kraemer, the latter makes them record Keçkispasse? in 1999 under the label Wet Music (Watcha, Artsonic) in Impuls studios in Belgium >>>. The album was released on June 15, 1999, and sold 10,000 copies in 18 months >>>.

In 2002, the band released the album Episode 2: Medicine Cake, designed with more time and more resources than Keçkispasse? The song New Wave, taken from the album, is included in the Rock Band> video game. The band goes to the label Epic Records, and is also known in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Japan (where they perform a series of concerts in 2002 and some dates in 2004) with the English version of CD, Doctor's Tanks Medicine Cake. They are the first part of Slipknot in February 2002 at the Zenith of Paris with American Head Charge >>>.

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