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Powerman 5000

Powerman 5000 , sometimes abbreviated as PM5K , is an American rock and heavy metal band from Boston. It is officially formed in 1991. The singer, Spider One (Michael Cummings), is the younger brother of Rob Zombie (Robert Cummings), another singer and musician of metal music, and director of horror films. The band's name is inspired by the cartoon superhero Power Man.

It was in Boston, Massachusetts, in the late 1980s, that it all started. Spider joins a producer named Lamar Lowder to form a new band with hip-hop and funk trends called MC Spider. The band released a first demo album, Much Evil, in 1990. The album is sold well enough to gain special attention, and to become known in the region. By the way, with this recording, the duo wins the "best rap band" prize at the Boston Phoenix / WFNX 1990 Readers>. Soon, other members will join the training. These are Dorian Heartsong who will play bass, Allan Pahanish for drums and disc jockey Brian Collymore who will do the decks.

In 1991, Lamar Lowder and Brian Collymore both left the band. This first will become musical producer. Spider and Allan share the same musical orientations, such as Black Sabbath and Public Enemy. The band, then composed of only three members (Spider, Allan and Dorian) will look for a guitarist for a very short time. Adam Williams is the one who will grab the attention. It is during the year 1992 that the transformation towards Powerman 5000 will be realized. Shortly after, it's Jordan Cohen's turn to join the band as a percussionist. From this moment, the group will work on new songs and develop a new style.

In 1993, the group published the EP A Private Little War , which will be sold in limited quantities to 500 copies in three weeks. Powerman 5000 is fast becoming a major player in Boston's underground music scene. Fans will have to wait until 1994 to hear new recordings.

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