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Primal is an action-adventure video game developed by SCE Studio Cambridge and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2003 on PlayStation 2.

Jennifer Tate, also known as Jen, is a 21-year-old ordinary woman living in New York City. At night, she goes to places where her boyfriend Lewis plays as the leader of a rock band. That night, after a great concert at the Nexus club, the two lovers are attacked by an evil creature as they leave the neighborhood. Both are then thrown to the ground quickly and left dead in an alley.

In the hospital, the doctors can not conclude as to the survival of the two young people: they are in a deep coma. But while no one is watching in Jennifer's room, a strange creature in the shape of a gargoyle appears and transfers energy to the girl who "splits". Intrigued by what's happening to her, Jennifer follows Scree to a dimension called Oblivion ...

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