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Prinz Pi , by his real name Friedrich Kautz , born on October 23, 1979 in Berlin-Charlottenburg, is a German rapper.

Friedrich comes from an affluent background and follows a classical education where he learns Greek and Latin. This is the trigger for critical words of society such as the titles Keine Liebe . In 2000, he released Blackbooktape 2: Jung, Schön and Stylisch gives it a little more notoriety in 2004. After the publication of the first album of the collective Kollabo, < span class = "lang-de" lang = "de"> 1. Liga , he decides on a solo career.

It publishes immediately some albums like the mixtape Guess Who's Back on the Streets , and Teenage Mutant Horror Show his first album which is written in two weeks following a bet with the rapper Separate (de) . It includes collaborations with Casper, Separate, Fadee & Abroo. It goes on contract from 2002 to 2004 with the independent Berlin label Royal Bunker (de) . It belongs to the groups Promolle, Panz Dominanz and Beatfabrik (de) .

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