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Prohom Philippe Prohom is a French singer-songwriter. He uses his only surname as a stage name, even if his full name is indicated in the credits of his albums. Prohom also refers to the training that surrounds it on stage>.

From 2006 to 2011, Prohom is composed of Philippe Prohom himself (vocals, guitar and programming) and Christian Fradin (piano, programming and choirs).

His "songs" are a mix of rock and electronic music. The titles, some dark (Departure, The mirror and me, Born in the place of another), others more nervous (Georges, Mise en bouche, It forgets to love, No ideas) have texts committed , sometimes intimist, sometimes also tinged with humor, generally dealing with human beings.

Originally from the Lyon region, he also has experience in theater. When he thinks of it since 1994, he begins to try his luck in the music world from 1997 within a trio that bears his name but also by composing for plays.

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