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Project 86 Project 86 is a heavy-metal American rock band formed in 1996 from Orange County, California. The band has eight albums, sold nearly 500,000 copies abroad, two EPs, two DVDs, and a live album. The poetic and introspective lyrics of Andrew Schwab address several themes such as conformity and emptiness.

The group is formed by Schwab with the aim of inspiring individuals to live with hope. In 1998, BEC Recordings released an eponymous album of the group which is well received by the specialized press. their second album, Drawing Black Lines, attracts the interest of the majors; Atlantic bought the album from Tooth & Nail Records, BEC's parent company. The band's third album, Truthless Heroes, is exclusively released in Atlantic, after their contract was bought. The band separated from Atlantic shortly after the release of their third album. They negotiate a new contract with Tooth & Nail, and publish three new albums, the last being Picket Fence Cartel in summer 2009.

After the end of their contract with T & N, in December 2011, the group announces a Kickstarter campaign explaining that "the fans will now be our label. " Their eighth album, Wait for the Siren, was released on August 21, 2012. Their ninth album, Knives to the Future, is independently released by Team Black Recordings on November 11, 2014.

According to documentary XV, Project 86 is formed in mid-1996 by singer Andrew Schwab in Orange County, California. Guitarist Randy Torres, who attended the same high school, is the first recruited member. The original lineup includes Schwab, Torres, Ethan Luck (Demon Hunter, Relient K), and bassist Matt Hernandez (Unashamed, The Dingees). Drummer Alex Albert is recruited after the departure of Hernandez who will leave the group after a few rehearsals, then Luck on the bass. Luck leaves the group to join the Dingess in summer 1997>.

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