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Psykup is a French heavy metal band from Toulouse, Haute-Garonne. Their particular musical style, is also called (by themselves), the "ostrich core">.

The group was formed in 1995> in Toulouse, Haute-Garonne. He is inspired from the beginning of Strapping Young Lad, Primus and Alice in Chains. However, Psykup wants to do metal differently by mixing styles with pop and groove influences. Gradually, Psykup gets closer to other groups of the French metal scene like Gojira and Sleeppers. The highly worked voice of the singer reminds some of the style of System of a Down.

Psykup is a member of the collective Antistatic (which also includes Leiden, Sidilarsen, Mary Slut and Delicatessen). After an EP titled Sors la tête published in 2000, the band released a real album in 2002, The Time for Thought >>>. Assembly of compositions from different periods, the album seduces yet, criticism as the public metal. In 2004 appears Acoustics, live videos, remixes, EP of rarities that marks the link between his predecessor and L'Ombre and the prey, new album released in February 2005.

Three years after the release of the album Shadow and Prey, the band released "We Love You All" in 2008, a digipack of two CDs six songs each (despite this low number, each CD lasts 45 minutes) and a DVD including a live filmed in Bordeaux, a road movie on the Psykup course since December 2004, and bonuses. The album is published by Season of Mist, an independent label that is more oriented towards metal.

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