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Puddle of mudd Puddle of Mudd is an American rock band from Kansas City, Missouri. As of date, the band has more than seven million copies sold, and several singles ranked first Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks in the United States. Their first album with a major, Come Clean, is sold to five million copies. They have two independent albums and four studio albums, the latest being Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love and Hate released in December 2009.

Puddle of Mudd was formed on September 13, 1991, in Kansas City, Missouri, by Wes Scantlin (vocals, rhythm guitar), Jimmy Allen (guitar), Sean Sammon (bass), and Kenny Burkitt (drums). The band's first album, Stuck, was released in 1994 on V & R Records. The album is produced by the band and E.J. Rose, and is recorded at the Red House Studio in Lawrence, Kansas. It includes two radio singles, You Do not Know and Drift and Die.

Now without Jimmy Allen, the band releases its second album, Abrasive, in 1997 on Hardknocks Records. It includes eleven songs, all written by the band, three of which will end on Puddle of Mudd's first major album. Largely influenced by the grunge wave, the band becomes well known in its home state and wins several competitions that help them make their first two albums. When enmities about the future of the group add to their low success in the US market, the group separates in 1999.

Only a few months later, a new version of the band was formed in Los Angeles under the lead of singer Wes Scantlin, who had previously sent a demo album to Fred Durst, singer of Limp Bizkit. Thus, the band ends up signing at Major Geffen Records. At the label, Puddle of Mudd released his first album at a major, Come Clean on August 28, 2001. Thus, the band really knew the success in 2001-2002 with titles like Blurry or She Hates Me, which propel them among the leaders of the post-grunge wave. The song Control will be the theme song of the Survivor Series 2001. The second single of the album, Blurry, co-written by Sean Sammon, Kenny Burkitt, Jimmy Allen and Doug Ardito, also becomes one of the best hits of Puddle of Mudd , reaching fifth place in the Billboard Hot 100 and eighth place in the UK Singles Chart>.

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