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Pulse Ultra is a Canadian rock band from Montreal, Quebec. Formed in 1997, the group released a single album, Headspace, in 2002, before separating in 2004.

Pulse Ultra was originally formed under the name of Head Space in 1997 by guitarist Dominic Cifarelli and bassist Jeff Feldman. Drummer Maxx Zinno was recruited the same year, followed by Zo Vizza two years later.

Pulse Ultra pauses in 2000, when he meets Taproot, with Cifarelli who will spend one of their demos. Taproot guitarist Mike DeWolf, through their management team Velvet Hammer, later makes them Atlantic Records label >>>. After a year of writing, the band released its first album Headspace on July 16, 2002>. It is produced by Mike DeWolf> Their single Build Your Cages is included in the video game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, distributed by EA in 2002. The band participates in the Ozzfest in support of the album>. As a result, the album failed to break through to the general public. Later, they shoot with Taproot and Chevelle> In early 2004, the group returns to Los Angeles to work on a sequel to Headspace. After a few months of pre-production, Atlantic Records merges with AOL / Time Warner. Pulse Ultra will be returned because of its low sales.

At one point in mid-2004, tensions are growing between Zo and the band, which will lead Pulse Ultra to seek a new singer. Zo will explain that their separation was friendly and that he and the group remained on good terms. Even after listening to Lukas Rossi, the band broke up soon after. Members will get involved in other projects. Dominic Cifarelli (guitarist) releases his first solo album, The Chronicles of Israfel in 2007, which will be paused until he plays with Scars on Broadway. Jeff Feldman will play bass with the group Elsiane. Maxx Zinno will play drums for the trio of indie pop Run.

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