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Pungent stench

Pungent Stench is an Austrian death metal band. Formed in 1987, the band's latest band includes Martin Schirenc (vocals, guitar), Danny Vacuum (vocals, bass), and Mike G. Mayhem (drums). Pungent Stench becomes popular in the death metal scene with his unique style of extreme metal and his controversial lyrics, mixed with topics like gore, paraphilia and black humor. They separate in 1995, reform in 1999 before separating again in 2007. They reform in 2013.

The group was formed at the end of 1987. It made itself known right away in Europe thanks to a split-album with Disharmonic Orchestra, another Austrian band>. The album For God Your Soul ... For Me Your Flesh , which contains a morbid humor, is published in April 1990 >>>. The title song ranks in the "100 best death metal songs" in the German magazine of Metal Hammer>.

The album Been Caught Buttering goes further with his illustration. Like the title, the cover of the album is a photo of Joel-Peter Witkin, a head decapitated, partially broken down, sawed in half. The band toured Europe and the United States. A European tour at the end of 1991 with Type O Negative is disturbed because of the controversy around the American group. In 1993, the EP "Dirty Rhymes and Psychotronic Beats" includes a cover of Why Can the Bodies Fly from the German electro group Warning. The texts evoke sadomasochism and other extreme sexual practices. After a three-month tour of the United States, the band broke up in 1995.

In 1997, the group published Praise the Names of the Musical Assassins , a compilation of 19 tracks including unpublished, samples, covers, on the Nuclear Blast label. Subsequently, singer Martin Schirenc forms Hollenthon, a melodic death metal band.

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