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Rage against the machine

Rage against the machine Rage Against the Machine (often abbreviated Rage or RATM ) is an American rap metal band from Los Angeles, California. Their musical style is mainly a fusion of metal and rap, with funk and punk influences. Composed of Zack de la Rocha, Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk, the group will mark the 1990s until its dissolution in 2000>. He reformed in January 2007 for the Coachella festival.

Rage Against the Machine is characterized mainly by the rhythms of La Rocha's lyrics, Morello's guitar effects and political stances in and out of the musical sphere (against racism, capitalism and globalization). RATM is known for its many demands and support for various social and musical demands. The group is ranked 48> in the list of "100 best artists of all time" of VH1> and 34> of the list of " 50 Best Groups Ever " from Spin Magazine>.

Meanwhile, Tom Morello, a graduate in political science at Harvard University, plays guitar in Libertyville, Illinois, in various garage rock bands like Electric Sheep, with Tool's guitarist Adam Jones. Tom Morello ends up in Los Angeles, believing it's the perfect place to form a real rock band. In a rap club, he attends a performance by Zack de la Rocha. As soon as he can grasp the meaning of the words, Tom Morello immediately adheres to the ideas they carry. Then Tom Morello meets Brad Wilk, who responded to an announcement that a group was looking for a drummer. Zack de la Rocha calls his old friend Tim Commerford: serious things can then begin.

The group's first performance is in a garage at one of Tim Commerford's friends in Huntington Beach. The four musicians play only five songs, which they wrote, but their friends appreciate them so much that they have to replay them several times. They then decide to embark on the big leagues, with a band of twelve songs recorded in a local studio. They start playing in clubs around Los Angeles and manage to sell five hundred copies of their band. They are gradually taking their place in the local music scene and are even making the first part of Porno for Pyros for their first big concert. They also play on the Lollapalooza II high school scene in Los Angeles as a "young talent. " They end up signing a deal with Epic Records (a subsidiary of Sony BMG) and they continue to shoot while their first disc, Rage Against the Machine , is then realized.

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