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Rammstein [ < span title = "[ʁ]" r "in" wheel "."> ʁ a m ʃ t a ɪ n ] > is a group of German industrial metal, originating from Berlin. Formed in 1994, it consists since the beginning of six members originating from East Germany; described as belonging to the genus Neue Deutsche Härte , he is its most famous representative. The group's lyrics are mostly in German, it's also the best-selling German-language group in the world with nearly 20 million albums sold>, but sometimes it also includes lyrics in English, French , in Spanish, or in Russian.

Known for his concerts multiplying pyrotechnic effects and staging creatively, in 2019 Rammstein lists seven studio albums whose music is often considered industrial metal, but its exact classification is discussed because it also incorporates strong influences electronic music, rock or even pop, especially as it has evolved over the albums. He has enjoyed international success since his second album from "> Sehnsucht , in 1997, and for the second time even made a world tour between 2009 and 2011 for his sixth album

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