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Rik Emmett , born Richard Gordon Emmett, July 10, 1953 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, singer, guitarist and creator of Canadian rock band Triumph. Since 1988, he has had a solo career, along with various musical projects. He is also editor of the Guitar Player magazine (en) . He also teaches music composition and music business at Humber College in Toronto.

Rick Emmet (guitarist and singer) founded, in 1975, the power trio Triumph, with Gil Moore and Mike Levine, respectively (drums / vocals) and (bass / keyboard). As a result of a production error by writing his name in the credits of the group's first album, Triumph, Rick becomes Rik because it would have been too expensive to have everything reprinted. He left in 1988 to continue solo music and participate in various projects.

Rik Emmett is considered by his peers to be one of the most skilled and versatile guitarists, and is recognized as a virtuoso with a guitar style ranging from rock to blues, from jazz to classical, bluegrass and flamenco. . His musical writing and discography demonstrate his ability to use and mix these different styles. In April 2005, Rik was applauded at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Award for being named Guitarist of the Year.

His voice covers several octaves. He was the lead singer of Triumph, a task he shared with drummer Gil Moore, who has also written many songs. However, Rik's writing and singing was preferred by the radio, while Gil wrote and sang in a more metal style. Emmett's voice could be mistaken for that of his Canadian friend, Geddy Lee, of Rush.

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