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Rings of Saturn is an American deathcore band from San Francisco Bay Area, California. The group was formed in 2009 and was originally only a studio project, however, after gaining great popularity and signing with Unique Leader Records, the band formed a full lineup and became a tour band in time full. The music of the Rings of Saturn has a very technical style, strongly influenced by the themes of extraterrestrial life and outer space. They have a total of four studio albums.

Rings of Saturn was trained in 2009 in high school as a studio project with Lucas Mann on guitar, bass, and keyboards, Peter Pawlak on vocals, and Brent Silletto on drums. The band posts a song called Abducted online and quickly wins in number of listeners. The band records its debut album, Embryonic Anomaly, with Bob Swanson at Mayhemnness Studios in Sacramento, Calif. The album was released by the group on May 25, 2010. Four months after the release of Embryonic Anomaly, the group signs at Unique Leader Records>. Months after the signing, Joel Omans is recruited as a second guitarist and the band goes on tour. Embryonic Anomaly is reissued at Unique Leader on March 1, 2011, and two more albums will follow in the same label. In December 2011, Brent Silletto and Peter Pawlak leave the band.

Rings of Saturn, who understands only this period Lucas Mann and Joel Omans, turns with different members like Ian Bearer, Sean Martinez and Ian Baker on vocals, bass and drums respectively. This band records their second album, Dingir, with the same producer for Embryonic Anomaly>. The album is originally announced for November 20, 2012, but will be postponed due to legal disputes at February 23, 2013>. Lugal Ki Reached the 126> place at the American Billboard 200>.

Rings of Saturn records his third album in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with Aaron Kitcher of Infant Annihilator and Black Tongue as guest on the drums. Aaron Stechauner joins as permanent drummer after the end of the recordings. On July 1, 2014, the group reveals the cover of the album Lugal Ki En, which is released on October 14, 2014. The band is filming in the United States, Canada, and for the first time in Mexico. December 9, 2014, Joel Omans announces his departure >>>. Two weeks later, December 26, Miles Dimitri Baker is announced as second guitarist.

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