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Ruoska is a Finnish industrial metal band from the municipality of Juva. The lyrics are exclusively in Finnish. Before joining Ruoska, Mennander was the singer of Battlelore. He is currently without a contract or sign with a label still unknown to this day.

Ruoska's fifth album, Rabies , is released on April 9, 2008. Two tracks from this album, Pirunkieli and Helvettiin Jäätynyt , become popular, but not as much as Mises yli laidan and Alasin . They appear in a video clip titled Ei Koskaan , which has a direct connection with Mies yli laidan . The group's Rabies Tour is organized from March 29, 2008 to May 17, 2008. The success of the group extends across Europe, the states United States and also South America. At Jurassic Rock on August 8, 2008, Mennander says Ruoska could take a break for a year. In May 2009, Ruoska announces a concert at the Radalle.com Motopark Festival for July 18, 2009>. At this concert, the new drummer of the band is introduced, Timo Laatikainen. It is also announced that Ruoska no longer cooperates with EMI Group.

In mid-2013, the band plays sporadically on stage>.

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