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Senses fail Senses Fail is an American post-hardcore band from Ridgewood, New Jersey. Formed in 2002, the group carries out, throughout its existence, many changes of formation; the only active founding member is singer James "Buddy" Nielsen. The group includes EP From the Depths of Dreams (2002, reissued in 2003) and studio albums Let It Enfold You (2004), Still Searching (2006), Life Is Not a Waiting Room (2008), The Fire ( 2010) >>>, Renacer (2013), Pull the Thorns from Your Heart (2015), and If There Is Light, It Will Find You (2018)

Senses Fail was formed in 2002 when Buddy Nielsen posted an ad on the internet to recruit members for his group, but the formation of the group was complete only one year later. The announcement caught the attention of Dan Trap ', who was only 15 at the time, immediately contacted his friends Dave Miller and Garrett Zablocki after reading it. The training is then completed with ex-Tokyo Rose drummer, Mike Glita, as a bassist.

The band draws its musical influences from punk rock and hardcore punk that they mix with poetry, emotion, literature, religion, Asian philosophy, and spirituality to create a unique image and sound. The name of the group, Senses Fail, is, as explained by singer James "Buddy" Nielsen, "in Hinduism, they think that live is hell, and the only way to reach Nirvana is to cling to nothing. So, people come out and live in the woods, and do not drink or eat. They only meditate because they are not attached to love, relationships, or anything else. And if you want to reach the heights and see God, you must awaken all your senses (senses fail). "

On August 16, 2002, EP from the Depths of Dreams released under the label ECA Records. It will be reissued on April 29, 2003 with two bonus songs by Drive-Thru Records.

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