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Subway to sally

Subway to Sally is a German folk metal band from Potsdam. He was trained in the 1990s. His style on the border of folk and medieval music was later enriched by heavy metal and Gothic influence. The songs in the first album are mainly in English, the following albums are almost exclusively in German, some songs being in Latin or Gaelic. In 2016, the band has a total of eleven studio albums, three live albums, and a live DVD.

Michael Simon (Simon) and Michael Boden (Bodenski) met at the school in 1980, where together with two other friends they formed the Zweieck group. While Bodenski performs his military service in the German national army, the group that is no longer complete remains in stasis. After his return, the other two members do not return to the group. Simon and Bodenski then meet Ingo, Silvio Runge (Sugar Ray) and Guido, who are part of the Katzengold group at the time. Simon, Bodenski, Silvio and Guido together form the band Bodenski Beat. Ingo then joins them at the end of his military service.

One evening in 1990, the five members decided to hire Folk music artists. They named the project Subway to Sally (Sally is described in the song Down the Line as a divine light at the end of a long tunnel), and engage violinist Silke Volland (Frau Schmitt) and trumpeter Cuneo. On September 15, 1990, they give their first concert. Cuneo leaves the group relatively early as she becomes pregnant. Piper Erik Hecht (Eric Fish) joins the group later and sings in the second album MCMXCV. The evolution between the first album, 1994, and the tenth album Engelskrieger is significant, especially since since the album MCMXCV no more songs are in English. From Engelskrieger, electronic music reinforces the musical framework. The ninth album, Nord Nord Ost, marks a certain mutation of the musical style but also the passage of the publisher Universal to the publishing house Nuclear Blast.

Following a successful live acoustic tour, the Nackt Live DVD is released which contains a significant number of bonuses. A member of the band The Inchtabokatables collaborates on the project by accompanying them to the cello.

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