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Sum 41 is a Canadian punk rock band from Ajax, Ontario. Formed in 1996, the band is characterized by a heavy-metal style on several songs, especially on albums "Screaming Bloody Murder , Chuck and Does This Look Infected? . It is currently composed of singer and guitarist Deryck Whibley, bassist Jason McCaslin, guitarists Tom Thacker and Dave Baksh and Frank Zummo on drums.

The group was formed on July 31, 1996 in Ajax, Ontario, on the summer day; that is where their name comes from Sum 41, Sum being in English the diminutive of the word summer meaning "summer". Composed initially of Deryck Whibley (guitar and vocals) and Steve Jocz (drums), the band is completed by the recruitment of Marc Costanzo to succeed Dave Baksh (guitar), and Jason McCaslin (bass). The members of the group are then an average of 16 years old and are attached to a nickname: Bizzy.D (Deryck), Stevo 32 (Steve), Dave Brownsound (Dave) and Cone (Jason). The group surfs on the wave punk pop of the time and after several shows and first parts of concert of which Blink-182, they sign in 1999 with the Canadian label Aquarius for Canada, and Island Records for the United States. Universal is then in charge of the distribution.

Sum 41 released his first album Half Hour of Power in June 2000. It sells little, but gives them the opportunity to perform a tour at United States. Indeed, the group provides the first part of known groups: Blink-182 and The Offspring, among others. After several months on the road and a notoriety that only increases, they return to the studio with producer Jerry Finn to record "All Killer, No Filler < / span> released in May 2001. This album propels them to the top (especially thanks to the titles In Too Deep and Fat Lip ) and, after a big tour following the release of the album, 3 million copies of All Killer, No Filler are sold in about ten months. On this album is the title Pain for Pleasure , a tribute to heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. On this title, Stevo32 and Bizzy.D exchange their respective places (Bizzy goes to the drums, and Stevo to the vocals). It is on this title that the band usually finishes their concerts.

In April 2002 released a DVD entitled Introduction to Destruction . It is composed of the concert of Sum 41 in London, videos of their tour, clips and videos of their debut, thanks to which they made themselves known record companies (DVD which will be worth them a prosecution of five million US dollars: a spectator of a baseball game complains, who received a hot dog from members of Sum 41. The scene was filmed and placed on the DVD without his consent). The group subsequently signs the title What We're All About on the soundtrack of the movie Spider-Man released in June 2002. title is a reworked version of the song Dave's Possessed Hair / It's What We're All About on EP Half Hour of Power , for which they had resorted at the time to a professor of rap new-York.

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