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Symphony X is an American >>> progressive metal band from New Jersey. The group mixes influences that are typical of bands of this genre, the two main ones being Dream Theater for the progressive approach and Yngwie Malmsteen for the neoclassical style. But certain harmonies can recall the jazz, the thrash metal, the symphonic music and the progressive rock of the 1970s. Michael Romeo, founder of the group and guitarist from the school Malmsteen, is the spearhead of this formation, as well by his soloist's work than that of composer and arranger.

At the beginning of 1994, Michael Romeo recorded a demo entitled "The Dark Chapter on which he played some pieces of his composition". He then went on a band with Thomas Miller on bass with whom he had already collaborated in the past. Together, they will join Jason Rullo on drums, Rod Tyler on vocals and Michael Pinnella on the keyboard to form the first line-up of Symphony X>. Their first album, Symphony X , was recorded the same year and was released in Japan under the label Zero Corporation Label>. This album receives a very positive reception as well as in some European countries. The album concludes with a 12-minute piece. The group will then start a collaboration with producers Steve Evetts and Eric Rachel.

Their second album, "The Damnation Game" , comes out only six months later. Rod Tyler, due to lack of motivation, was replaced by Russell Allen, who clearly influences the group (medieval side), putting the classical side of their music further ahead. We still find the influence of Steve Howe Yes guitarist for acoustic guitar parts on the major piece of almost 9 minutes. Considered by many> as their masterpiece, The Divine Wings of Tragedy , takes a considerable time to be recorded. The sessions begin in 1996 and end in 1997. The positive return of the specialized press>, allows Symphony X to establish itself in Europe; their success in Japan continues to grow. two ambitious titles are present on this third album: The Accolade approaching ten minutes, and the title track of more than twenty minutes.

At the end of this year and at the beginning of the next Jason Rullo is, for personal reasons (absence of tours is the reason mentioned), temporarily (and with difficulty, the group having spent more time to find his successor than the latter remained in the group) replaced by Tom Walling. The difference is not on a technical level but on the sound of the battery, Walling having a more classic sound. This does not prevent the group from recording Twilight in Olympus at the beginning of 1998. There are very long pieces like Lady of the Snow or Through the Looking Glass , even if time is lacking (Zero Corporation, their Japanese label presses them), the band can not record the title track "in"> Twilight in Olympus which should exceed fifteen minutes. This album appears very melodic to the first listenings ( In the Dragon's Den and The Relic ). The band also pays tribute to Beethoven with the reworking of the "Sonata # 8" in C Minor . This year will also be the first concert of the group, in Japan, which will be followed by a world tour. Following the unavailability of Thomas Miller for long illness, the group hired Andy DeLuca as interim bassist for this first tour before the final departure of the first.

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