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The kovenant

The Kovenant is a Norwegian black metal band from Bergen. Their musical style evolves with time towards what could be called space metal or cyber metal.

The Kovenant was formed in 1992 by Nagash and Blackheart, initially under the name Covenant>. A few years later, however, he must change his name because of the homonymy with the Swedish group Covenant >>>.

After several demos the band finds a label to record their first album, In Times Before the Light . This album, released in 1997, launches the band. For the second album, . In 2003, the fourth album, SETI , an acronym for The Search for Extraterestial Intelligence >, is published >>>. It continues the musical progression initiated in Animatronic . Shortly after the release of the album, Von Blomberg leaves the band. Two new members are recruited: Küth and Brat. The group is working on a new album and a DVD. In October 2003, the group canceled its participation in the Rockefeller of Oslo, Lex suffering from the throat.

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