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The Pretenders

The Pretenders, or in the terminology of the early albums Pretenders, is an Anglo-American rock band formed in 1978 and originally from Hereford (Herefordshire) and Akron (Ohio). He made himself known to the general public through the hit Don't Get Me Wrong. The group was born from the will of American singer, songwriter, composer and guitarist Chrissie Hynde (born September 7, 1951). She founded the band with English bassist Pete Farndon (June 2, 1952-14 April 1983), English guitarist James Honeyman Scott (November 4, 1956-16 June 1982) and English drummer Martin Chambers (born September 4, 1951). The band is restructured several times after the deaths of Honeyman-Scott and Farndon due to drugs, and only Chrissie Hynde and Martin Chambers remain in the 2010's of the original band. Chrissie Hynde arrived in London in 1973. She writes in the New Musical Express as a critic to make money. In music, she worked with Mark Mothersbaugh (later Devo), then played in the Big Girls Underwear band with Mick Jones (later The Clash). Malcolm McLaren, who became the manager of the Sex Pistols, took her as a guitarist in the Masters of the Backside (they changed their name after she left for Damned). In 1974, Chrissie Hynde moved to Paris where she formed the group Les Frenchies. But she quickly returned to London where the outbreak of the punk rock wave attracted her. She then lived in squats in the suburbs where she met manager Tony Secunda. Chrissie Hynde recorded some demos including The Phone Call with Fred Berk, Johnny Moped's bass player and drummer Nigel Pegrum (Steeleye Span). In March 1978, Chrissie Hynde had a bad word on the phone with Secunda who got her an appointment with Dave Hill from Anchors Records. He hangs up on her. Pity, she calls Dave Hill and tells him he's no longer her manager. Hill still receives it and gets it signed for the brand new label he is launching: Real Records.

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