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Ultima Thule is a Swedish punk rock band from Nyköping. It incorporates Nordic folk influences, and sometimes rock or oi !, and comes from a culture close to rockabilly and Teddy Boys. They achieved considerable success in the early 1990s in Sweden and elsewhere where some of their albums sold over 80,000 copies were awarded the gold record. According to IFPI Svenska Gruppen, Ultima Thule has a platinum-certified album, and three gold-certified albums in Sweden, and includes three singles ranked in the top 20 local rankings.

Ultima Thule take their name from the mythical northern island of Thule mentioned by the Greek explorer Pytheas in the IV century BC. The singer and another member of the band are now playing in psychobilly Hotrod Frankie, and punk The Headhunters. The group is often considered by the specialist press specialized in white power >>>, although this criticism is called into question by the musicologist Benjamin R. Teitelbaum>.

Ultima Thule was formed in early 1984 in Nyköping, Sweden. Members will quote Sex Pistols and 1970s punk rock bands as inspiration. Their musical style mixes Nordic folk music, rock and punk, described by the band as "Vikingarock" . After a few years of popularity in the underground, the group became popular in the early 1990s when a contract with the label Mariann Grammofon was signed. But because of controversy, Mariann Grammofon quickly ends her contract with Ultima Thule. As a result, the group founded its own independent label, Ultima Thule Records.

The band's first EP is sponsored by Bevara Sverige Svenskt> and is used by Sverigepartiet. Some of their songs are included in compilations with bands like Skrewdriver and Brutal Attack. Their first singer, between 1984 and 1986, Bruno Hansen, later became leader of a "action group" called Nordic Reich Party>, and the group will be considered by the specialized press adept at the white power >>>

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