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Vesania is a Polish symphonic black metal band from Legionowo.

Vesania is formed at the end of 1997> in Legionowo, Poland>. The name of the group means "madness" in Latin>. The original members of the group were: Orion (guitars and vocals), Daray (drums and percussion) and Heinrich (bass). Hatrah joins the group on keyboards, recording a first demo in autumn 1997, Reh, published in 1998. The band is reinforced on guitar and voice by the arrival of Annahvahr. At the end of 1998, a second demo was released, released in 1999.

In 2000, Siegmar became keyboardist, so the band enjoyed an exceptional sound of its kind. During this period, Vesania toured several Polish cities, while working on the preparation of an album. At the beginning of 2002, tracks from the recording session of 2002 are the subject of a split CD with Black Altar, Moonastray , output at 666 copies. In the spring of 2002, the group recorded at Selani Studio, with Szymon Czech at the production.

Their first album, Firefrost Arcanum , was released in January 2003, at the Empire Records label>. The group then has the opportunity, he grasps, to play at the 2003 Metalmania Festival and to participate in the 2003 Vader Blitzkrieg Tour. Annahvahr leaves the band during this year, while Orion joins Behemoth as a bass player. Daray joins Vader on the drums. These parallel activities in groups of such notoriety do not prevent Vesania from debuting at the end of 2004 the recording of their second album "God the Lux" , at Hendrix Studio in Lublin, with Arkadiusz Malczewski as sound engineer.

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