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WarCry is a Spanish power metal band from Oviedo, Asturias. Led by guitarist, singer and performer Víctor García, the group was formed in 2001 after the dismissal of García and drummer Alberto Ardines Avalanch group. The band has a total of seven studio albums and a live album. WarCry constantly changes training, with García as the only constant member. WarCry is one of the most important heavy metal bands in Spain>, awarded several times in the country, and in Latin America.

In mid-2001, during their period in power metal band Avalanch, singer Víctor García and drummer Alberto Ardines decided to release an album with songs they recorded during their free time. Most of the songs are written in the 1990s with lyrics in English. The duo will broadcast them in Spanish> and will produce the album, with García on vocals and bass, rhythm guitar, and keyboards. Guitarists Fernando Mon (ex-Avalanch), and Pablo García of Relative Silence also collaborate on the album with solo guitar pieces. After learning about the project of García and Ardines, the other Avalanch members send them back from the group. García explains that he gave ideas for songs in Avalanch, but was only credited on two songs: Aquí estaré and Por mi libertad. Aquí estaré is hardly accepted by the group, but becomes one of the famous songs of Avalanch>.

WarCry becomes the name of Víctor García's new project. In 1992, he formed a band called War-Cry, playing it as a guitarist, but dissolved it in 1994 when he became guitarist for Avalanch. After his departure from Avalanch in February 1996, he reformed the band under the name of WarCry, and this time became an interpreter and singer. They record a demo called Demon 97, but separate again a year later when Víctor returns to Avalanch. After being expelled from Avalanch, Víctor shows Ardines the name and the logo of WarCry. Ardines finds them "fantastic" , and convinces Víctor to reform this project>.

They are joined by Pablo García and Fernando Mon, then record their first album, WarCry, which is published on April 17, 2002. Shortly after the recording of the album, they are joined by the bass player Álvaro Jardón (ex-Darna). The album is well received by the specialized press, notably by the Japanese rock magazine Karma, which it considers as "a boost of real metal! , and the British magazine Kerrang! who regards it as a "very good start of a very good group that has surprisingly surprised the world". The group is organizing auditions for a keyboardist in June and August 2002, and is recruiting Manuel Ramil> Rather than spinning in support of WarCry, the band is recording new songs in order to play more on stage>.

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