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Yanka dyagileva

Iana Stanislavovna Diaguilva or Diaghileva (in Russian: Яна Станиславовна Дягилева ), born on 4 September 1966 in Novosibirsk and died in May 1991, is a Russian singer and poet, nicknamed Yanka . Its name, like that of Alexander Bachlachev, is that of the magnitizdat of the times of perestroika, this informal publishing network - the equivalent of samizdat in literature, using recordings on magnetic tapes and that of kvartirniks (from Russian квартира - apartment), these small improvised concerts with friends who invite each other to the others. Nicknamed sometimes Patti Smith of Russian punk she stands out for her lonely side, she refuses to give interviews.

Iana Diaguileva was born in Novosibirskn into a family of engineers.

His career began in collaboration with his companion, singer-songwriter and founder of Grajdanskaya Oborona, Egor Letov, who recorded his first three albums. With Letov, she participates in the Simferopol rock festival in Crimea in 1987>. In 1989, she participated in a series of concerts with friends (kvartirniks) who forged a solid reputation on the Russian music scene. During her short career, she became one of the outstanding personalities of the Siberian punk scene. His songs were less virulent than those of Grajdanskaya Oborona, but of greater psychological depth. They convey the desperation of a fragile individual surrounded by a cold, cynical and emotionally corrupt reality that demands absolute conformity. She also wrote some poems, published after her death.

On May 9, 1991, she left her country house near Novosibirsk to stop coming back. On May 17, his body was found by a fisherman in the Inia River. His death is officially recognized as suicide. She is buried in Novosibirsk>.

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